About us

We are group of teachers and researchers from University of Zagreb, Faculty of organization and Informatics in Varaždin, Croatia, that deals with code generators based on templates and code modifications. Our efforts in Generative Programming and Machine Learning started in the early 2000-s.


Danijel Radošević, PhD, Full professor / first selection, danijel.radosevic at foi.hr
Jasminka Dobša, PhD, Associate professor, jasminka.dobsa at foi.hr
Ivan Magdalenić, PhD, Assistant professor, ivan.magdalenic at foi.hr
Nikola Ivković, PhD, Assistant professor, nikola.ivkovic at foi.hr
Tihomir Orehovački, Ph.D., Assistant professor, tihomir.orehovacki at unipu.hr


Students are involved in our surveys mostly in a form of performing their professional practice in GPML.